there is an easy way to do your online marketing"


(and you don't even have to pay anything for each individual tool or even share your winnings)


What are important marketing tools ...?

What exactly do you actually need in order to be able to set up and oversee your online marketing professionally, easily and independently?


Editorial plans, podcasts, video recordings, events and surveys are important building blocks in marketing and should be well planned, monitored and evaluated. Otherwise a lot of time and money will be burned up quickly!

Web-/Landing page

In order to be able to implement your marketing planning, you also need a website or landing page (s). Here, pop-ups, videos, blogs, vlogs, forms for lead generation, very good content with important keywords (also in the headings and sub-headings) are an important topic. 


Email marketing, email and video courses, surveys, events, podcasts and also eBooks. In addition, the appropriate reports to evaluate your marketing tests and plan future changes. Of course, a keyword generator and an SEO optimizer for your website.


Let's show you, which marketing tools

you get with the digital office assistant...

(And all of this without any additional costs or profit sharing) 

Marketing planning (editorial plans)

Our project module not only helps you to organize your customer projects, it is also a great tool for planning your entire marketing strategy. Here you can plan your social media presence, your funnels, events, podcasts, videos or even video or email courses for the next few weeks, months or even the whole year.

The practical Kanban properties give you a very good and clear overview. Simply move your tasks to the next column with drag & drop or assign the task to another project. A traffic light system helps you to quickly see whether something has been finished.

Website and funnel pages

The digital office assistant has a really good website builder with practical drag and drop.

With it you can create your own website in no time at all, but also brilliant landing pages for your marketing campaigns or your sales funnels.

It comes with all the important tools, such as forms, differently designed blocks, different fonts and the option to add additional Google fonts. This page was created only with the possibilities of the digital office assistant.

Email marketing

You can create, fill and work with various e-mail lists. In this way you can supply your customers with good and suitable content in a targeted manner. No matter whether you feed a newsletter, a blog reminder or your sales funnel with it, no matter how many email addresses, no matter how short or long your list is - the digital office assistant will take part.

You can also follow the success of your campaigns live. You can see how many emails were opened, could not be delivered (invalid email), were deleted and how often a reaction took place (i.e. was clicked). If you now use the link tracker, you can even see which call-to-actions have received the most reactions if you have several call-to-actions.

Online shop

The digital office assistant also has an online shop in its luggage. Here you can offer your goods representative to your customers.

But you can not only sell goods, but also event tickets, webinar spaces and video courses. Common options of payment and a fluid process in the purchasing process are of course created.


 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!

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