Digital Office Assistant (annual billing)

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    The digital office assistant - your business assistant for easier working and more success

    → Server setup / support / troubleshooting
    → Software installation
    → Own domain
    → SSL certificate including link
    → Unlimited professional email addresses for the domain of your choice for free
    → Free "Business Tools":

    - Manage your customer data (CRM)
    - Sell easier, faster and more clearly (CRM)
    - From the offer to the invoice, everything with one click
    - Project management
    - Website (+ Builder)
    - Simply design your own landing pages
    - Practical SEO tools to improve your website
    (such as link trackers, website visitors, see evaluations, etc.)
    - Create sales and marketing funnels
    - Create and handle email marketing and campaigns
    - Create and handle promo campaigns
    - Create and process voucher codes
    - Create and offer eLearning (online courses for your customers/online videos)
    - Provide a forum for your customers for better customer loyalty
    - Plan, organize, sell and handle events
    - Manage appointments and have an overview
    - HR management and application process

    The extension takes place automatically, as long as there is no termination, for one further calendar year. Cancellation is possible at any time up to 14 days before the extension.

    Attention: During the trial there will be no own domain and own email-addresses. This will be done after the trial or as soon you upgrade.


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    We wish you a lot of fun

    data transfer

    After the free trial of 14 days, we will create your domain and link your office assistant to it, also create the email-addresses