there would be an easy way to get your office work done!" 



What are important Business-Tools...?

What exactly do you need to be able to carry out your daily office tasks professionally and easily?

Time Saving

Especially as a sole proprietorship or small business, you have little time for the many individual tasks. Therefore, it makes sense to get time-saving help.

Automation ist dabei sehr hilfreich. So können viele wiederkehrende Aufgaben zügig erledigt werden. 

Auch die Arbeit mit nur einer Software kann Zeit sparen, da keine Daten hin und her geschoben werden müssen.


Our customers expect professionalism, even if we are a small or very small company. Especially when we work with medium-sized or larger companies or serve a large customer base, there is no getting around standardized, digital processes today.

In particular, an email address that is attached to the website domain makes a more trustworthy impression than a Gmail address.

Data Protection

SSL certificate, OPC (order processing contract) and a server that protects the stored data according to european standards.

You have to protect access to internal data yourself and determine who can see or know what. Therefore, software that allows access rights to be restricted and adjusted at any time makes sense, even for small companies. Password management is also an important topic here.


Let us show you, which Business-Tools 

you are going to get with the digital office assistant...

(And all of this without any additional costs) 

Forms - templates - digital signature 

With ready-made forms and templates you can save time and make your work easier.

The forms (like Invoices, Vouchers, Confirmations, ...) are of course customizable to suit your business and tone.

Orders can be provided with a digital signature online in order to make the order legally valid.

Business Email

You use the digital office assistant to conduct all communication with your customers. This is including: business emails, offers, order confirmations, invoices, credit notes, payment reminders, reminders, etc.

Since the digital office assistant saves everything about the respective customer and the task, you no longer have to search through your email program or in your folders on your computer to find information. Everything is automatically filed.

In addition, your correspondence remains professional and guaranteed to be where it belongs - in a protected setting. Because here too, keep thinking of data protection for entrepreneurs.

Calendar - Meeting - Bookings

Arrange your meetings and appointments in and with the calendar in your digital office assistant. The participants will receive a notification by email. All participants will also be informed by email if the dates are changed or canceled.

You can also make an appointment directly or make a booking via the website. For this purpose, the form block is extended by the line appointments. In this way you give your customers and website visitors the opportunity to make an appointment with you easily and quickly.

You can have your calendar synchronized with your Google calendar or Apple iCal.

Projects - Plannings - Organization 

You are probably currently using Trello, Basecamp or Teams to organize, plan and possibly assign helpers for your projects.

In the digital office assistant there is the project management tool in which you work with Kanban cards. Assign tasks and subordinate them to a customer (for later billing). There is the possibility to deposit the work with an hourly expenditure

We use this tool not only for customer projects, but also for our complete marketing planning.

Digital Notes

Instead of many pieces of paper on your desk, you can use this tool to record your notes, thoughts, to-do's, I have to think about it notes, this is interesting, and so on.

Set yourself a reminder or just keep it in there to have the note if you are looking for it.

Also here the practical Kanban view is helpful for an overview. You can simply delete what is done or put it in a hidden Kanban.


 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!

No, No!   That Wasn't It!

Here come our Sales-Tools...

We want to make a very good impression to your customers so they can trust you faster


What is a CRM? In short: here you manage your data and information about your leads and customers. Everything important in one place.

The digital office assistant comes with an integrated customer management system, i.e. a CRM. You have probably already heard of Salesforce or Zoho, who offer this area as stand-alone software.

This tool is integrated with us, because you can also do marketing with your customer data, manage your sales and even organize the order in the project tool. Everything goes hand in hand and you always know WHERE your customer data is.

Products - Inventory

Your products and services are entered in an attractive mask. The advantage is that you can use it to easily create your offers, order confirmations, invoices, etc. - but you can also use it to easily create and maintain your online shop.

This makes it possible to add quantities to deliveries so that you don't sell more than you have available. But if you offer services, the warehouse will simply not be activated.

Offers - order confirmation 

Since the customer data is stored digitally and your products or services have also been created, you can create your offer with just a few clicks and make it digitally available to your customers. Digital signature makes the deal perfect.

With a further click, the offer becomes an order confirmation, which is then made available to the customer digitally.

Would you like to send by Snail Mail? Then print out the invoice, which was created as a PDF, and send it to your customer.

Invoice generator - credit 

The job is done. Now it's time to collect the money. With just one click, you can turn the order confirmation into an invoice. The invoice number is assigned automatically (invoice generator). All information is already there. No searching, no list of invoice numbers, no stress.

The digital office assistant can send your invoice to your customer via email with just a single click. No searching for the email address, no changing software, no saving on your computer and pasting into the email. Everything is done in a flash.

Has a mistake crept in? No problem. One click and the invoices is a credit and you can decide whether a new invoice should be opened immediately or you want to do it again later.

Imagine how much time you can save now with this automation!  

sell online

The digital office assistant comes with a very attractive website builder and a variety of ingenious marketing tools. You can use it to present your online sales very nicely.

We offer our community an advanced website builder. With this you can design and build appealing online shops like a pro. Our tip: look for a website that suits your taste and offers your target group added value. Take this design and recreate it. You will find - it is very simple.

The digital office assistant offers you an online shop, the possibility to offer events and online courses via your website. Have a look under marketing tools for more information.


 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!

No! Even That Was Not It!

Here comes our Data protection...

For more security for you and your customer data

SSL certificate / secure server / OPC 

The security of your data is our top priority. Therefore, we have done everything on our part so that you can work carefree.

The digital office assistant is therefore made available to you with a valid SSL certificate. Your data is saved on a highly secured server and an order processing contract (OPC) is automatically agreed with the provider.

Access Rights - Usage Rights - Password Management

With the digital office assistant, the data rights remain 100% with you. You therefore decide who has access to your office assistant and to what extent. You can share individual areas.

If you are unsure about your access rights, you can always ask us for advice and help.

Each account is protected with its own password that has to be personalized by the respective user. "Forgot password" function is available.

Data protection - data backup

Since your correspondence is carried out completely via the digital office assistant and all your business sheets are saved there, they are in a protected environment. Because here too, keep thinking of data protection as a entrepreneur.

We back up your data automatically (backup) once a week, if you need a more frequent backup, please talk to us.

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Here are some FAQs we do hear often:

 Is my digital office assistant safe 

Yes! Safety is our top priority. We have put the digital office assistant on a foundation that is already trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide. In addition, your digital office assistant is stored on a German server to ensure that all your data is backed up according to European standards. In addition, our subscription includes the SSL certificate and we take care of the OPC. So you don't have to worry.

How long are the contract terms

We offer you the digital office assistant either with a cheaper annual subscription or a flex subscription. The Flex subscription can be canceled at any time after the first three months at the end of the month. 

If I have a question, is there someone I can speak to?

Yes! We have a top notch support team that can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Simply click on the "Support Chat" at the bottom of one of our websites or use the live chat. Or maybe our forum can answer your questions.

Do I have to install something?

No! We do it all for you. Do it this way - you book your IT team with your digital office assistant ABO at the same time. Everything is stored in the cloud and you can use your assistant with any internet-enabled device.

If I cancel the digital office assistant, I will lose my data 

We don't offer you software-as-a-service. Your data is on a server booked for you. If you want to end your assistant, we will delete the server space immediately after the end of the contract (also for reasons of data protection law). However, you have the option to download CSV files of your contacts and other lists before the end of the contract period.

Can I import my data from other programs?

Of course you can. All you need is a CSV file. Should you need any help with this, we will be happy to assist you.

Who owns the data, content, etc.

They are all yours! All content (including your users) is 100% yours. YOUR-IT-SERVICE.COM has absolutely no authorization to view or use your data, content, etc. or even to contact your contacts. The digital office assistant is just a tool for you to do your daily work more easily.

Isn't it all very complicated?

Absolutely not! If you think about how many different programs you currently use for your work, what you have to learn, know and combine. Like a new car or a new apartment, you will quickly get used to the new surroundings and love the new possibilities.


 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!