"Create amazing

Sales & Marketing Funnels

that turns your visitors into leads and then into customers ... "

(without having to pay a tech geek)


What is a Funnel...?

What exactly is the difference between a Website and a Sales / Marketing Funnel?


Your Website works like this:

 Mostly a rigid side

 Visitors are usually overwhelmed. What should they do, what do you want from them?

 Little change, little adaptation, little optimization.

 A blog - if at all.

Is usually more of a business card on the Internet.

Written boring.

 Mostly out of date.

 Social media is so much more important.

 Boring features - if at all.

 Nobody knows if you are still around..

A Funnel like this:

  Simply and clearly structured. No distraction.

Everything revolves around just one product. The customer can find out immediately whether this product will help him or not. Conveniently, it's a freebie like an e-book or something similar.

  The funnel guides your web visitors through a clearly defined process. You can call it a sales pitch.

It is very clear to your visitors what you have to offer and what they can expect from you.

  You fetch them on the landing page, and they will definitely be in your email list.

  You give them added value (freebie) and then you sell them your latest product. Either immediately or in the follow-up funnel.

 In the end, you deliver your product to them. 

With the digital office assistant you can build your own funnels

Create appropriate landing pages including popups when the visitors want to leave the page.

 Guide your customers through the sales process.

 Bill your products.

 Deliver your items.

 Use Email-Marketing Campaigns for your Follow-up funnel.

 Easy to use CRM for your customer and sales administration.


The digital office assistant gives you all the tools you need!

Drag and drop attractive blocks in your website builder!                

  Build funnels that actually convince customers!

Including direct integration of the ordering process!

Email Marketing included!

Everything possible with just one software!

  Everything without additional costs or profit sharing

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Turn leads into customers with the digital office assistant!

 Create different funnels!

Get contact information from your visitors!

Create follow up emails and send them regularly to bring you back to mind and create an endless need to not miss out anything!

Only with the contact details is it possible for you to keep in touch with your leads! 

 Turn strangers into your followers!

Turn followers into loyal customers!

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Sell ​​your products!

 Create a "squeeze page" (You use this page to pick up your visitors. This is where you offer your freebie. This can be a tool, an eBook, a PDF document or a real product sample.)

 Then comes your "sales page" (What? A sales page after a freebie? Yes, of course. Give your new lead an unbeatable offer. Something that he can otherwise no longer have. Only here and now.)

 Followed by the "Order Page" (record the order information.)

 and an "upsell page" (if you like and there is another product available that fits into this funnel, you can add an upsell here. The customer is now in the mood to buy and you have already convinced him of you does not buy, but you can drag it into the FollowUp Funnel in your email marketing campaign.)

  At the end of course there has to be a "Thank You Page". After all, the new customer should feel valued.

Start Your 14-Day Trial For Free Now 

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 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!

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Here are some FAQs that we hear often:

  Is my digital office assistant safe  

Yes! Safety is our top priority. We have put the digital office assistant on a foundation that is already trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide. In addition, your digital office assistant is stored on a German server to ensure that all your data is backed up according to high standards. In addition, our subscription includes the SSL certificate, and we take care of the AVV. So you don't have to worry.

How long are the contract terms

We offer you the digital office assistant either with a cheaper annual subscription or a flex subscription. The Flex subscription can be canceled at any time after the first three months at the end of the month.

If I have a question, is there someone I can speak to?

Yes! We have a top-notch support team that can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Simply click on the "Support Chat" at the bottom of one of our websites or use the live chat. Or maybe our forum can answer your questions.

Do I have to install something?

No! We do it all for you. See it this way - you book your IT team with your digital office assistant subscription at the same time. Everything is stored in the cloud, and you can use your assistant with any internet-enabled device.

If I cancel the digital office assistant, will I  lose my data 

We don't offer you software-as-a-service. Your data is on a server specially booked for you. If you want to end your subscription, we will delete the server space immediately after the end of the contract (also for reasons of data protection law). However, you have the option to download CSV files of your contacts and other lists before the end of the contract period.

Can I import my data from other programs?

Of course, you can. All you need is a CSV file. Should you need any help with this, we will be happy to assist you.

Who owns the data, content, etc.

They are all yours! All content (including your users) is 100 % yours. YOUR-IT-SERVICE.COM has absolutely no authorization to view or use your data, content, etc. or even to contact your contacts. The digital office assistant is just a tool for you to do your daily work more easily.

Isn't it all very complicated?

Absolutely not! If you think about how many different programs you currently use for your work, what you have to learn, know and combine. Like a new car or a new apartment, you will quickly get used to the new surroundings and love the new possibilities.


 Save time through automation 

 Save money with online transactions

 Easy drag and drop website editor!

 Easily create and integrate sales funnels

 Online sales and email marketing

 Easy organization in just one software

Get the right TOOLS To Organize, Manage, Market, Sell & Deliver your Products Online Today!